Psychic Readings Grow in Popularity

Things keep getting more and more uncertain in the world. This uncertainty has led to unprecedented growth in the esoteric industry.

Many people seek guidance of a spiritual nature not only for relationship and career concerns, but also to develop and hone their own psychic abilities.

To most people, it looks like Laurel Blum leads a fairly normal life. She starts her day at around 5 a.m., tends to her pets and heads to the local pool to swim 20 to 30 laps. Most days she also spends some time meditating.

You’d only realize her “day job” differs from most after she gets to the office to tackle the hundreds of emails flooding her inbox. Blum is a clairvoyant, and oversees one of the world’s largest networks of psychic readers.

Since the begining, her network has experienced an increasing number of daily contacts and calls. While this is partly due to social media, it’s also the result of people’s growing desire for spiritual guidance.

Blum says relationships and careers are the main reasons people seek her services. She began giving psychic readings as a young woman. “Even people who generally don’t believe in spiritual notions are willing to take a deeper look they experience a problem in a relationship,” Blum said.

While Blum no longer offers private readings due to the volume of requests, she describes herself as a reader of past, present and future energy, or a “clear channel.” She spends most of her working hours overseeing the operations of the business, and managing the network of nearly 100 psychics who work remotely from locations all over the world.

A professional counselor with a college degree in psychology, Blum explains that while each reading includes predictive aspects, much of what readers do focuses on assisting people in discovery of their own consciousness and their own answers.

According to one research firm, the psychic services industry grew 2.4 percent between 2010 and 2015. And in 2014, one survey of top psychic businesses in the U.S. found that some charge thousands of dollars for a reading.

The rising popularity of psychic services comes down to the convenience offered by 24/7 phone and online services, plus a widespread and growing acceptance of spirituality thanks to practices like meditation and mindfulness becoming mainstream antidotes to ill health and stress.

There are many good psychics out there, but sadly, there are bad ones, too. So, what should people look for in a psychic? Blum advises people to choose wisely and look for positive testimonials. “If you notice the psychic is ask you lots of questions, that’s usually a red flag,” she said. Also look for money-back guarantees, which show that the service is willing to stand behind their readings.

Blum says that like some other psychics, she begins receiving visions within a few seconds of beginning a reading. She falls into the flow of the person’s energy and the vision downloads into her mind fairly quickly. So don’t be surprised if your psychic wants to get it all out before letting you speak more.

But each psychic reads differently, so it’s important to not get caught up in their methods, such as their choice to use tools like tarot cards.“Tools just help the psychic get the energy flowing, and may help a psychic relax and get into the flow of reading,” Blum said. But this can be a two-way street. “It’s difficult for psychics to read with people who have closed themselves off,” Blum explains.

If you’re serious about getting a good psychic reading, you should do some preparation in advance of the appointment. “Really think about what it is that you want to know,” Blum says. “Feel free to write down some questions so you don’t get sidetracked. After all, you’re paying good money for the reading!”

Remember that psychic readings are not a science, they’re an art form. They’re all about the connections that form between two people—the psychic and the client.